Ever since it was established, our company - 100x100Design - has been strongly committed to authenticity, excellent design and beauty. These qualities are reflected in all items we have traded so far, making them unique, durable and elegant.
We would like now to explore other paths by creating a new branch, called 100x100VERO (vero means true in Italian), which will be even more committed to our original values, with the aim of promoting high quality ecological products that will be greatly beneficial to our clients as well as to the environment we all live in.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex, in which natural resources are being constantly depleted, where it is almost impossible to differentiate between the original from the imitation. It is our aim to distinguish ourselves by the integrity with which we will carry out our purposes.

In our economic system a high price is not always a sign of good quality; therefore it is difficult and confusing to understand the true value of an item. However it is possible to buy products in a more intelligent and responsible manner; at times even with a higher initial cost, but that will prove to be more convenient in the long run.

Not only is competence required to undertake such a research, but also a great deal of time and energy are needed. Unfortunately, these resources are lacking in our modern world. However, we will make the result of our investigation available to you, in exchange for your trust.

We would like through 100x100VERO to offer you products which are authentic, original, ecological, healthy and with time even more economical.

100x100VERO will progress without haste, but at a steady pace. Sometimes you may have to be a little patient as the time taken for the supply of ecological raw materials might be delayed due to high demand. However, we are convinced that the wait is worthwhile.